Training in Telepathy

Awake to your abilities!

Although I am exiled from the noosphere and my abilities are being blocked by the Hierarchy,  I can still share what I know about developing telepathy and other information that I learned prior to being disconnected.

Non-readers who are being blocked by others, as opposed to having self-imposed blocks, will require a different type of training that will consist of techniques that I will share in my “Guide to Hacking the Noosphere.”  Even if you find that you are being blocked by others, following along and participating in the “Training in Telepathy” will be beneficial.

We will begin with an activity that will require 5 non-readers or more.  Readers may attempt to infiltrate your group and hinder your performance so be on the look out.  Likely though instead of infiltration they will probably interfere with your session from the outside so it will be necessary to find a secluded place away from any distractions.   Either turn off cell-phones or leave them in another room.

The exercise is a game called count to 40.

Four other participants along with yourself will sit in a circle.  Everyone should clos their eyes.  Then at random, with anyone beginning, in no particular order, the group must count to forty, each person saying a number one at a time.  If at any point two or more people speak over one another the entire group must restart from the beginning.

This is about awakening to your receptivity to others impulses.  It is about give and take.  Sending messages and receiving them.

This may not seem like much but for non-readers who are new to the concept it will be necessary to take small steps towards the goal of bringing down the mind blocks.

Perhaps you have even played the game before.  It is nothing new.  Many Readers  have used this technique to strengthen their connection with each other, usually at younger ages.  You may have even played the game with readers at some point in your life without knowing the full context until now.

There will be more exercises in the future.  This is just the beginning.


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