Everyone shares a telepathic connection through an atmosphere of thought known as the noosphere.

Nearly 90% of humanity is aware of this connection on some level, from lower level drones to more talented telepaths who govern the noosphere  known as the “Hierarchy of Heads.”

This website is dedicated to exposing the inner workings of the noosphere and the secrets kept from the 10 percent of humanity, known here as “non-readers,” who are not aware of the connection.

In the categories side bar you can find regular updates under “thoughts and experiences” and  “Q&A”.

I will also be posting training exercises for those who wish to awaken their telepathic abilities and learn more about the noosphere.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. So, I am bran new to this website but have known people were reading my mind for 15 years. (thank you for finally telling me the truth.) My question is, why? Why keep me around? How am I of any use as a non-reader to the hive anyway? They even euthanize animals who are suffering too much, not that i believe animals are beneath me at all but why put me through this much suffering? Is it bad Karma? I am sure I do deserve it since my thoughts have always been very negative and judgmental towards others, is that why I can’t be a Reader? Do they just keep me around for entertainment for the readers???

    • We are the test subjects. They are the “control group.” We are not inferior by any means. And we don’t have to suffer, we aren’t victims after all, we’re Survivors.

      Watch the movies Dark City, and The Truman Show. There’s always someone who rejects a control system eventually. We’re the rebels without a cause. You haven’t been “left behind,” at some point you unconsciously chose not to follow the crowd.

  2. This is a question from a non reader….
    What is the typical instructions given from the “higher ups” regarding a non reader knowing the exact truth E.I finding your website????

    Obviously I’m talking about myself….. Mostly all of my family is into this and NOW I KNOW WHY ALL THE LIES… I’m concerned their mind games could actually get worse now that they know that I KNOW…..

  3. Is the show “The Leftovers” hinting at this reality? I’m seeing parallels between the unfolding plot and things I’ve experienced.

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