You Didn’t Know?

“If you don’t already know then I am not going to tell you.” –  Typical Reader

This is the basic attitude of readers regarding just about any subject – especially telepathy.


Professional Mediums Fail Test

Here is a recent story about two professional mediums who failed to demonstrate their abilities in a laboratory setting.

Professional mediums and psychics are usually non-reader or subtly aware reader entertainers and performers. Instead of paying attention to the other readers around them they thought they were special and became professionals and began offering these services to others (non-readers who take them seriously or readers who only go for entertainment). The only problem with this is as soon as these subtly aware readers try to demonstrate their abilities in a laboratory setting or in a way that truly provides solid evidence, their abilities fade away. If they are more than a subtly aware reader then the consequences are more severe. High level readers that demonstrate their abilities in a performance manner are required to tell everyone that it is all a trick. Real readers will repeat over and over that they are only using tricks while demonstrating their abilities because it is the rule to never discuss the secret outside of the telepathic connection.

Mind Control Through The Heart

It was said by an anonymous poster, in response to this information that “Everyone might be a mind reader but no one can control the heart.”

Heart may refer to many things.   Depending on what the poster who asked the question means by “heart” I may provide a different answer.  Regardless I will do my best to figure out the the questioner meant as I am no longer a mind reader and have a more difficult time discerning what is meant by such broad terms.

All systems are interconnected and readers use the heart to control the mind.  They love to use guilt, sympathy, a person’s need to be loved or forgiven as ways to corner people into belief systems that can be used to control people on all levels.

Subtly aware readers are especially susceptible to this type of control.  Those who are only slightly aware but who play along with the rest of the hive as if nothing is going on uses intuition and other instincts to guide them.  Higher level mediators plant seeds in one’s mind or will lead people down lines of thought in order to use their intuitive senses against them. Sometimes it will be as simple as making them comfortable or agitated  in any given situation.  Many of these readers never question as to why they feel the way they do, instead they falsely identify these feelings with people or places that the mediators want them to associate feelings with.

For example there may be a conversation between two subtly aware readers and the mediators don’t want these two people to interact with each other.  The mediator will cause one reader, Reader A, to feel uncomfortable or scatter-brained or anxious, while Reader B is talking.  Reader A identifies these unpleasant feelings with the interaction and with Reader B and will go away feeling as if Reader B was annoying and difficult to listen to.  In this example, without the mediator Reader A would have listened to Reader B and would have communicated about the subjects that the mediators were attempting to stop.  This interaction can happen when a subtly aware reader is communicating to a non-reader as well.  The subtly aware reader will have agitation caused by the mediator that is then associated with interacting with the non-reader who is now viewed as “annoying” for reasons that are difficult for Reader A to articulate.  A subtly aware reader will say that someone rubbed them the wrong way because that is how their mediator wanted them to perceive the person.

Confirmation Of A Reader – BEWARE

I mentioned before that there is a process where one confirms that they are a reader with other readers, or that they are “let in” by others in ways that prove the link.  Readers might do this in ways like meeting somewhere, after communicating about the location  through telepathy, to confirm with each other, without communicating out loud, that the ability is real.

Non-readers should avoid this set up with readers if they feel they are being blocked by others as opposed to self-imposed blocks.  This is because readers will use this process to throw awakening non-readers off the path.  Readers might fake a process of confirmation and make the connection appear as some kind of delusion.

Honey Harvest

It was asked why time is running short.

This is because the readers are collectively overwhelming my abilities, which up until now have mostly been suppressed by the Head Master and the Hierarchy, but are now being channeled by mediators to invigorate lower level readers.

I’m not just being exiled but harvested.

They seem to be claiming my abilities as their own now and as time goes by, while I’m forced to interact with the hive for basic needs (food, water, shelter, work, etc.) the frequencies of others are elevated as they redirect my own energy towards themselves.  This may not make sense without more explanation so feel free to ask specific questions about how this all works if I am not being clear right now but myy gears are being turned with each interaction.

As the flower in my mind attempts to blossom, it  pries open the flower petals in the minds of other readers while my own carries the weight. Like a bee returning to an artificially assembled hive with pollen in my clutches, part of my efforts are collected by the keeper so that I am forced to carry twice the load.

My every movement stirs another to move.

As I walk they float, as I attempt to focus they try to grab my attention and suddenly experience a flush of mental energy.  Literally like gears turning against each other, my chakras grind against their own, winding up their biological clock while my own loosens and spins uncontrollably.

Luckily for me, the majority of these readers have no control over this power without the aid of mediators.  As I am more aware of what is happening than most of the readers participating in my harvest I am able to avoid their traps.  The problem is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid these trap-like interactions as I am forced to participate in their society which has been structured to channel human energy as efficiently as possible.

Time Is Running Short… (UPDATE) Time Is Now Running Short For The Hive

Time is running short.

If anyone is following a long with the training for non-readers then soon I will need your help to hack the noosphere.

I’ve had to merge myself with the hive once again and am being manipulated by readers like never before.  While I am still exiled from the noosphere and blocked from my abilities, I have had to go into the hive for basic survival needs.

I will continue to share information as I can but please be patient as the attacks from readers are coming on strong right now.



The Hierarchy of Heads and the Hive are a tipping point.  Time is now short for the Headmaster his BrainTrust and the Hierarchy of Heads.


Many non-readers and their creative views of reality are often time paranoid or suspicious of the world and informatin they recieve from others.  Certainly misinformation and disinformation abounds in both the noosphere are lower forms of communication and as a result there have been non-readers (or readers pretending to be non-readers) who have accused me of being a source of disinfo or in the words of one poster that I am “trying to make poor schizos sicker who believe in this type of reality.”

One of the tactics that readers will use is to lie about me to get you to fear me.  They will also say that telepathy exists but only within a small minority of people.

Here are some of the examples of lies being said and the truth to follow up.

Lie # 1.  Telepathy is limited to a small percentage of the population.

Truth:  Everyone is connected and nearly everyone is communicating through the atmosphere of thought known by some as the noosphere.

Lie #2.  I am disinfo.

Truth:  I am an exiled reader.

Lie #3.  I am trying to make “poor shcizos even sicker that believe in this type of reality.”

truth:  There are multiple sites and threads on forums all over which are attempting to convince poor schizos of all types of false realities and this blog is not one of them.


The Hierarchy of Heads, instead of assisting in the evolution of humanity have fallen in love with their positions of control and will do anything to hold on to their power which is why they want to introduce you to the artificial noosphere.

They have successfully kept you from discovering your true potential by keeping you from the bigger secrets while initiating those who only take the mysteries for granted.  This was calculated and implemented to keep non-readers such as yourself from competing for a place in the Hierarchy, a place which you would have been able to use to awaken others.

They’re Always Hinting And Making Inside Jokes

To be clear readers will often say things out loud like “you certainly aren’t a mind reader are you?” or “you are just way too easy to read.” etc, basically things which hint at the true reality that they aren’t telling you about.  They are allowed to say these things just so long as they don’t let you know everything.  If they feel like they went too far or said too much the reader might backpeddle and follow up their statement or question with something like “of course no one is really a mind reader but you know what I mean.”

Tactics For Dealing With Non-Readers May Vary

I’ve recently heard that the readers of the hive are taking a softer approach when dealing with questioning non-readers, using humor and other soft denial tactics.

For example, imagine you tell someone you are certain is a reader that you know what they are and that they can drop the act.  Not only will they deny that they know what you are talking about but they will press you for information because they want to know if you will go through with talking about this info with others.  Then if you do reveal to them that you are willing to talk about their telepathic abilities with others they are now starting to take a “soft approach” which usually will involve humor to ease the situation.  They may even agree that they are mind readers but in a way that is meant to seem playful or amusing.  They might even try to show you that they are not mind readers by giving you a false reading.  They will tell you to think of a number or something and when you think of one they will give a false attempt to read you and then when you see they get the answer wrong it is meant to show you that they are not mind readers when in fact they are telepathic.