Morals and Ethics

Q: Does ethics and morals exist in your noosphere?

A:  They have standards for morals and ethics that are below what a non-reader would consider moral or ethical. Most non-readers, if awakened to this info, would look at the decision of their friends and family to keep them from the secret as immoral, while readers view this choice as morally necessary to protect the hive from those deemed unfit to know.

The more talented a reader,  the more likely they are to take advantage of readers of lower levels in various ways that they see as morally necessary to organize the hive.

Readers are on a need to know basis.

On each level they are told something different.

It is seen as morally necessary to higher level readers to limit information to the lower levels to maintain the hierarchy. They believe by limiting the information to the lower levels and keeping the secrets from non-readers that they are protecting the development of lower level, and younger readers while keeping those out of the noosphere who might cause trouble for the hierarchy.

I don’t see any of it as moral. As soon as the Hierarchy is overthrown there will be freedom of speech in the noosphere. There will be a new hierarchy and everyone will be encouraged to talk about it out loud.



Q:  Does intuition come from our DNA?

A:Information is stored in our DNA but we also share information through telepathy. For example, you might have an intuition about how someone is feeling when you are no where near them and haven’t spoken or written in a while, but then you give them a call and find out that your “intuition” about their feelings were correct. Most people are aware of this but will only talk about it using code or words and phrases with multiple interpretations or won’t even talk about it at all. Subtly aware readers will openly talk about it but are usually unable to articulate the experience and usually choose not to even try because of social repercussion. Non-readers talk about it not knowing that everyone around them is aware but unable to talk about it with them.

It Comes Naturally

Q:  This isn’t a natural phenomenon is my immediate reaction. It is tech based. How does one opt out? Is there a chip or what?

A:  It’s natural. There isn’t widespread use of a chip yet. As far as opting out goes you kind of are opted out by being a non-reader, assuming that you are one.

Q:  Sounds lik…

Q:  Sounds like some kind of slow death. They’re vampires, vultures, leaches and parasites. Why can you not cut yourself off from the hive? Nonreaders survive without the hive. Perhaps we do not have the same definition of hive.

A;  It’s a slow death so that they can siphon as much energy from me as possible throughout the process.

They are energy thieves.

By “hive” I usually mean the collective of readers but I also use “hive” to refer to society.

While non-readers survive without being apart of the collective of readers most still require interaction with society. There are small rural communities of non-readers who survive without the hive but they are difficult to locate and who knows what might follow me if I did seek them out.

Q: Can you explain why a child develops into a non-reading adult?

Q:  What are usually the reasons why a child develops into a non-reading adult?

Lack of social interaction, for example?

A:  While lack of social interaction may play a role for some there are other readers who are connected to people they have never met and who have also had little social interaction.  There are also physical impairments which cause some to be non-readers.

Some non-readers have self-imposed blocks because the truth is too frightening, intimidating or embarrassing to accept.  Others are blocked by more powerful readers because they have been identified as troublemakers or because they it is thought that they may not handle the truth very well and would run from it or hurt themselves.

The reason which no one ever mentions is that these non-readers would be very talented readers if they were not blocked.  Their perceptions and talents would likely elevate them through the ranks of the Hierarchy and the current Heads feel threatened by those who may rise above them.

They noticed your talents at an early age and flagged you to be suppressed and kept as a non-reader.  If you awaken to the ability it will be like pulling the rug from under their feet.  They have been playing tug-of-war with you for mental strength and it only takes you to realize this to win.

Many of you are non-readers because they fear you.

Readers Use External Communication Devices Too (Obviously, Look Around You)

Q:  cell phones ??????????????????????????????

someone tell the readers they don’t need them

A:  Cell phones are a huge convenience for readers. It’s an artificial extension to the noosphere and it’s less work to operate.  It takes less energy to call someone or text them than it is to communicate through the noosphere.  Also, particurly in professional dealings, readers don’t want to open themselves up to business associates, it’s too personal. That is not to say the connection isn’t used by people at work, it is just preferred and considered most appropriate to use the telephone.

Most readers have a low capacity for the ammount of things they can focus on in the noosphere.  Except for more talented readers or members of the Hierarchy, most readers are better at recieving or “reading” than they are at communicating a message. It’s easier for most readers to communicate a message if they are already being focused on by another reader.  For example: There is a low-level reader who wants to communicate a message to another low-level reader.  The two have little in common but are somewhat familiar with each other. Reader One has a hard time communicating a message to Reader Two if he doesn’t already have her attention, like if they were in the same room making eye contact.  So instead Reader One calls Reader Two on the phone and the task is simplified.  On the other hand, if Reader One is trying to communicate to Reader Two and Reader Two happens to already be thinking about Reader One she is much more likely to recieve the message.  If  the two readers are familiar with each other then they are usually more receptive to each other when separated.  Even then, when a reader is focusing on several things and another reader wants their attention, it’s convenient to have a device outside of their head that rings or that makes noise.

The subconscious/unconscious mind

Q:  Can readers also read what is going on in the subconscious or unconscious mind.  Are they able to access memories?

A:    The majority of readers cannot read what is going on in the subconcious or unconscious mind like they can your conscious mind.  But similar to Freudian slips in oral communication, when lower-level readers communicate with each other or higher ups or when they are simply looking into the Noosphere for information they sometimes present themselves in ways that give insight into their unconscious mind.

I had a friend several years back who, whenever we would share ideas or communicate through the Noosphere, there was often a pervading aura of the color purple, that she wasn’t always aware.  I had another friend who would communicate in the form of various songs from his childhood accompanying the information he was sharing, many have people pointed it out to him but he never did seem to get a handle on it.  When communicating with someone you share impressions, you don’t necessarily see a full on hologram of the person in your minds eye.  Often time people share shapes, sounds and colors with their thoughts in an abstract presentation that can give insight into their unconsious mind.

More talented readers such as members of the Hierarchy of Heads have ways of interacting with you while you sleep.  Through this interaction with you they can learn a lot about your unconscious thoughts.  While they can’t necessarily play through your memories like a movie they can trigger your memories, using various techniques, to surface to your conscious mind for them to see.

They may see all kinds of thoughts if they are paying attention to you

Q:  I have a genuine question, if I exist in a consistently calm and relaxed state of mind, and also project genuine feelings of love and empathy towards anyone I see, or interact with – do the readers I direct this at feel it? Are they aware of such non specific and generalized thought-forms, or am I just some smiling weirdo to them?

*Note: I don’t do this with a goal of getting anything or manipulating anyone, I believe, and have confirmed thus far thru my journey in life that to love is our most natural human state. Not fluffy, goopy romantic love as sold to us through our media, but just genuine, “glad to be here with you all” kind of love. You know, seeing myself in others, and vice versa.

Does that make me a want to-be reader, or is it supplying something that is helpful or beneficial to readers?

Also, people seem to gravitate towards me, and upon seeing my inner workings show me powerful appreciation and love – and I can tell it is not born of pity. Or perhaps it’s a type of pity based love I just don’t understand as a non-reader, in a world of readers.

A:  Yes, when you project your feelings as you described readers are aware as long as they are actually paying attention. Sometimes a reader may be in deep thought or spacing out in your direction but they are actually focusing on several other things in the Noosphere and may not be reading everyone in their immediate surroundings. I can’t say for certain but people probably don’t think you are a smiling weirdo but they might ask you why you are smiling just to confirm that it is just a general feeling you’re projecting and not something specific that they might be missing.

Projecting your thoughts like that doesn’t really make you a ‘wannabe reader’ necessarily. Who knows, perhaps everyone wanted you to be a reader and you have a sense of this and want to be one yourself but you have self imposed blocks that just need to be lifted. It’s rare but it can happen.

Non-readers are sometimes very successful people in business and sales and other jobs that require people to like you. Often time’s non-readers are very likeable, nice, genuine people on top of being extremely creative. There are readers who are attracted to non-readers and even some that are exclusively attracted to and only want to be with non-readers because they are uninfluenced by the hive and more original in their thinking and genuine. There are also readers who surround themselves with non-readers because they like that less are really known about them and there is more mental privacy. Sometimes readers are attracted to non-readers for less positive reasons as well.

How are non-readers looked upon by readers?

Q:  Now, I asked about historical figures that may have been in the 10%. You provided two examples of men who were given brief glimpses of the Noosphere. But I’d like to know, who are some other famous 10-percenters, like artists, writers, politicians, philosophers, etc.?

I’d also like to ask you: When you were connected, how did you feel about us 10-percenter (or non-readers) collectively?

I know you had that one friend who was in the 10 percent and your pity eventually led to your disconnection. But that’s just one individual who you were friends with. How did you feel about us as a whole? Did you hate us, did you pity us, and did you simply not care about us? How did you personally feel about us, collectively, when you were still in the 90-percent?

And when many in the 90-percent look down on us non-readers, is that because they personally think less of us, or because the Noosphere tells them to hold us in contempt? It it’s the latter, then I wonder why the Noosphere sees us as so much of a threat to be disconnected.

A:   Rachmaninoff, Van Gogh, Kafka… are a few… not sure if I should name people who are alive yet…

You ask how I felt about 10 percenters, or non-readers, when I was connected… at times pity but believe it or not for most of us readers (when I was one at least) the non-readers were viewed as comedy gold. Seriously, some of the stuff that non-readers think while not aware that others are listening is hysterical. Ever been laughed at but no one would tell you why? Now you know. Most of the time a non-reader/10 percenters thoughts come out as erratic, jumbled noise, because their minds aren’t organized like a 90 percenters to interface properly with the Noosphere but thoughts can still be deciphered sometimes and man are they hilarious. Other times 10 percenters are treated coldly by 90 percenters as if they are worth less as human beings because they aren’t connected to the Noosphere. Many 90 percenters are sympathetic though. As I said before there are laws and authority figures who protect (kind of) the 10 percenters from being totally mind f*cked by a manipulative 90 percenter but it still happens.

But really I didn’t think too much about non-readers until I started to feel sorry for one of my old friends.

As for your last question, it’s kind of both. It’s because the Noosphere tells them too but there are figures many of which are in the Hierarchy of Heads who make these decisions and have the most influence on the hive. Why do they view you as a threat? You might have a personality which they believed was incompatible with the hive. Perhaps they thought you would be trouble in some way. There are many possibilities.

Read between the lines

Q:  I’d like you to also explain why all movies, books, and general culture are catering to the poor little 10 percent who aren’t blessed with the gifts of the mighty 90 percent?

When I say “catering to” I mean that all stories, all dramas, all dialogues and all characters in books and movies are centered on not being telepathic.

You probably will misinterpret this line of questioning, and give me some lame half way answer and try to keep hyping the book you’re going to write.

If most people on earth were telepathic, as soon as one person found a physical cure for ailments that are usually mistreated by typical western medicine practices, all in your “Noosphere” would be able to fully understand the value, and we’d heal everyone on earth. No more fluoride in the water, no more poison in the air, no more diabetics, cancer, thyroid issues, malnutrition issues from the processed food that 90% of America loves. You see my point?

Shit man, for real I could go on and on, and apparently so can you. However, even on the remote chance that the paranoia you’re trying to add to GLP’ers lives is true, ultimately it has zero effect on how I live my life. It sure is an interesting concept, but again based on your mythology, it is outside of the realm of possibility for me to know anything about this. You see, what I’m saying is that even if it were truth it has no bearing on how I will do, or be, from here on out. I’ll just keep living the same.

Things that are impossible for a man to know – a fruitless chase, I have to disregard them, because I do not have a need to know. This was fun though OP, thx, and again welcome to the family: )

A: The phrase “read between the lines” goes much deeper than most non-readers or 10 percenters are aware.

I assure you, most films, books and other forms of entertainment are not catering to the 10 percenters – there are just layers you are not aware of while reading a book or watching a movie or listening to a song.

As for your second question – there isn’t full transparency in the Noosphere and people still take advantage of each other.

Also, it may not be completely impossible for you to see the Noosphere.