Morals and Ethics

Q: Does ethics and morals exist in your noosphere?

A:  They have standards for morals and ethics that are below what a non-reader would consider moral or ethical. Most non-readers, if awakened to this info, would look at the decision of their friends and family to keep them from the secret as immoral, while readers view this choice as morally necessary to protect the hive from those deemed unfit to know.

The more talented a reader,  the more likely they are to take advantage of readers of lower levels in various ways that they see as morally necessary to organize the hive.

Readers are on a need to know basis.

On each level they are told something different.

It is seen as morally necessary to higher level readers to limit information to the lower levels to maintain the hierarchy. They believe by limiting the information to the lower levels and keeping the secrets from non-readers that they are protecting the development of lower level, and younger readers while keeping those out of the noosphere who might cause trouble for the hierarchy.

I don’t see any of it as moral. As soon as the Hierarchy is overthrown there will be freedom of speech in the noosphere. There will be a new hierarchy and everyone will be encouraged to talk about it out loud.

2 thoughts on “Morals and Ethics

  1. ‘Other times 10 percenters are treated coldly by 90 percenters as if they are worth less as human beings because they aren’t connected to the Noosphere. Many 90 percenters are sympathetic though. As I said before there are laws and authority figures who protect (kind of) the 10 percenters from being totally mind f*cked by a manipulative 90 percenter but it still happens.’

    You have just given away (if it wasn’t obvious already) that you are still a mindreading telepath matrix agent / devil worshipper).

    I have been totally ‘mindfucked’ by my own mother. She has watched a particular woman who lives miles and miles away torment me and helped her do it. I have had no protection. Any sympathy is fake. And any ‘help’ is tinged with the ultimate bottom line that you mindreaders are just a bunch of users, hypocrites and abusers. Go fuck yourself.

  2. ‘the non-readers were viewed as comedy gold. Seriously, some of the stuff that non-readers think while not aware that others are listening is hysterical. Ever been laughed at but no one would tell you why? Now you know. Most of the time a non-reader/10 percenters thoughts come out as erratic, jumbled noise, because their minds aren’t organized like a 90 percenters to interface properly with the Noosphere but thoughts can still be deciphered sometimes and man are they hilarious. Other times 10 percenters are treated coldly by 90 percenters as if they are worth less as human beings ‘

    the way you put that, shows you are a telepath and no victim of some mistake you made. You’re a liar. You are comedy gold. It is hilarious, how see-through, fake, hypocritical, secretive and deceptive you are. Am I repeating a thought again for your entertainment? Here we go. Go fuck yourself.

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