Mind Control Through The Heart

It was said by an anonymous poster, in response to this information that “Everyone might be a mind reader but no one can control the heart.”

Heart may refer to many things.   Depending on what the poster who asked the question means by “heart” I may provide a different answer.  Regardless I will do my best to figure out the the questioner meant as I am no longer a mind reader and have a more difficult time discerning what is meant by such broad terms.

All systems are interconnected and readers use the heart to control the mind.  They love to use guilt, sympathy, a person’s need to be loved or forgiven as ways to corner people into belief systems that can be used to control people on all levels.

Subtly aware readers are especially susceptible to this type of control.  Those who are only slightly aware but who play along with the rest of the hive as if nothing is going on uses intuition and other instincts to guide them.  Higher level mediators plant seeds in one’s mind or will lead people down lines of thought in order to use their intuitive senses against them. Sometimes it will be as simple as making them comfortable or agitated  in any given situation.  Many of these readers never question as to why they feel the way they do, instead they falsely identify these feelings with people or places that the mediators want them to associate feelings with.

For example there may be a conversation between two subtly aware readers and the mediators don’t want these two people to interact with each other.  The mediator will cause one reader, Reader A, to feel uncomfortable or scatter-brained or anxious, while Reader B is talking.  Reader A identifies these unpleasant feelings with the interaction and with Reader B and will go away feeling as if Reader B was annoying and difficult to listen to.  In this example, without the mediator Reader A would have listened to Reader B and would have communicated about the subjects that the mediators were attempting to stop.  This interaction can happen when a subtly aware reader is communicating to a non-reader as well.  The subtly aware reader will have agitation caused by the mediator that is then associated with interacting with the non-reader who is now viewed as “annoying” for reasons that are difficult for Reader A to articulate.  A subtly aware reader will say that someone rubbed them the wrong way because that is how their mediator wanted them to perceive the person.

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