Q:  Sounds lik…

Q:  Sounds like some kind of slow death. They’re vampires, vultures, leaches and parasites. Why can you not cut yourself off from the hive? Nonreaders survive without the hive. Perhaps we do not have the same definition of hive.

A;  It’s a slow death so that they can siphon as much energy from me as possible throughout the process.

They are energy thieves.

By “hive” I usually mean the collective of readers but I also use “hive” to refer to society.

While non-readers survive without being apart of the collective of readers most still require interaction with society. There are small rural communities of non-readers who survive without the hive but they are difficult to locate and who knows what might follow me if I did seek them out.

3 thoughts on “Q:  Sounds lik…

  1. Someone please help me! I have become completely anti-social because of this… I’ve heard them before and am always losing jobs because of being a non-reader. But there are moments when I hear them and I know they always hear me… I look back on all the times I’ve been manipulated and lied too… Idk how to go on this way. Why can’t I hear them?? I can’t handle this anymore. Someone please help me figure this out… I want to be around other people like me. I’m freaked out. I’m female 20 years old and scared out of my mind… What can I do to fix this?

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