Q: Can you explain why a child develops into a non-reading adult?

Q:  What are usually the reasons why a child develops into a non-reading adult?

Lack of social interaction, for example?

A:  While lack of social interaction may play a role for some there are other readers who are connected to people they have never met and who have also had little social interaction.  There are also physical impairments which cause some to be non-readers.

Some non-readers have self-imposed blocks because the truth is too frightening, intimidating or embarrassing to accept.  Others are blocked by more powerful readers because they have been identified as troublemakers or because they it is thought that they may not handle the truth very well and would run from it or hurt themselves.

The reason which no one ever mentions is that these non-readers would be very talented readers if they were not blocked.  Their perceptions and talents would likely elevate them through the ranks of the Hierarchy and the current Heads feel threatened by those who may rise above them.

They noticed your talents at an early age and flagged you to be suppressed and kept as a non-reader.  If you awaken to the ability it will be like pulling the rug from under their feet.  They have been playing tug-of-war with you for mental strength and it only takes you to realize this to win.

Many of you are non-readers because they fear you.

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