Honey Harvest

It was asked why time is running short.

This is because the readers are collectively overwhelming my abilities, which up until now have mostly been suppressed by the Head Master and the Hierarchy, but are now being channeled by mediators to invigorate lower level readers.

I’m not just being exiled but harvested.

They seem to be claiming my abilities as their own now and as time goes by, while I’m forced to interact with the hive for basic needs (food, water, shelter, work, etc.) the frequencies of others are elevated as they redirect my own energy towards themselves.  This may not make sense without more explanation so feel free to ask specific questions about how this all works if I am not being clear right now but myy gears are being turned with each interaction.

As the flower in my mind attempts to blossom, it  pries open the flower petals in the minds of other readers while my own carries the weight. Like a bee returning to an artificially assembled hive with pollen in my clutches, part of my efforts are collected by the keeper so that I am forced to carry twice the load.

My every movement stirs another to move.

As I walk they float, as I attempt to focus they try to grab my attention and suddenly experience a flush of mental energy.  Literally like gears turning against each other, my chakras grind against their own, winding up their biological clock while my own loosens and spins uncontrollably.

Luckily for me, the majority of these readers have no control over this power without the aid of mediators.  As I am more aware of what is happening than most of the readers participating in my harvest I am able to avoid their traps.  The problem is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid these trap-like interactions as I am forced to participate in their society which has been structured to channel human energy as efficiently as possible.

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