Many non-readers and their creative views of reality are often time paranoid or suspicious of the world and informatin they recieve from others.  Certainly misinformation and disinformation abounds in both the noosphere are lower forms of communication and as a result there have been non-readers (or readers pretending to be non-readers) who have accused me of being a source of disinfo or in the words of one poster that I am “trying to make poor schizos sicker who believe in this type of reality.”

One of the tactics that readers will use is to lie about me to get you to fear me.  They will also say that telepathy exists but only within a small minority of people.

Here are some of the examples of lies being said and the truth to follow up.

Lie # 1.  Telepathy is limited to a small percentage of the population.

Truth:  Everyone is connected and nearly everyone is communicating through the atmosphere of thought known by some as the noosphere.

Lie #2.  I am disinfo.

Truth:  I am an exiled reader.

Lie #3.  I am trying to make “poor shcizos even sicker that believe in this type of reality.”

truth:  There are multiple sites and threads on forums all over which are attempting to convince poor schizos of all types of false realities and this blog is not one of them.

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