Tactics For Dealing With Non-Readers May Vary

I’ve recently heard that the readers of the hive are taking a softer approach when dealing with questioning non-readers, using humor and other soft denial tactics.

For example, imagine you tell someone you are certain is a reader that you know what they are and that they can drop the act.  Not only will they deny that they know what you are talking about but they will press you for information because they want to know if you will go through with talking about this info with others.  Then if you do reveal to them that you are willing to talk about their telepathic abilities with others they are now starting to take a “soft approach” which usually will involve humor to ease the situation.  They may even agree that they are mind readers but in a way that is meant to seem playful or amusing.  They might even try to show you that they are not mind readers by giving you a false reading.  They will tell you to think of a number or something and when you think of one they will give a false attempt to read you and then when you see they get the answer wrong it is meant to show you that they are not mind readers when in fact they are telepathic.

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