Believe It Or Not: The Average Reader Is Only Subtly Aware

The majority of readers are unaware of the real intent of those who govern the noosphere.  These partially aware readers know about the connection, they are able to read others and are aware of non-readers but they are unaware of the full scope and depth of the noosphere.  These lower level readers have little control over their abilities and in many cases are unaware that a Hierarchy exists.

The exile process is slightly different for these “subtly aware readers” as they will be referred to in this blog.  They know not to talk about it but if they do decide to speak about it they usually have a difficult time articulating the experience using the lower forms of communication.  As soon as they do, other readers will turn a deaf ear to the subtly aware one.  If a low level reader persists in their attempt to write or speak about their knowledge of telepathy, then as a consequence, other readers will stop interacting with that reader with telepathy, leaving that subtly aware reader to wonder if the connection was ever real.

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