Motus Operandi Of The HeadMaster

It is rumored that a faction of the Hierarchy of Heads, led by the Head Master, known as the BrainTrust are working towards a goal of merging all of humanity into a mono-thinking entity with no individuality or sense of self.  The fastest way for them to achieve their goal is by coalescing the noosphere within the digital realm.

The natural hook up doesn’t allow Hierarcy the level of control they desire.  While one Head can control an entire network of drones there are still apparently some non-readers out there whom aren’t wanted in the natural noosphere by the Hierarchy but are for some reason wanted in the digital realm.  Perhaps if certain non-readers were fully aware of the connection the Hierarchy might not be able to hold their postions of power.  But if these non-readers could be contained into an artificial noosphere then the power structure stands unchallenged. While all of humanity is connected, the noosphere is still compartmentalized.  Combining with the digital will help bypass natural defense mechanisms and barriers.  There are readers who are somewhat aware that this is happening but are written off as conspiracy theorists.

Yes, there are some readers who think simialar to some of the non-readers here but they are few and far between. Why they were allowed into the connection instead of being blocked out I couldn’t tell you but they apparently serve some kind of function for the hive.

The majority of readers do not believe that this transition is taking place for nefarious reasons.  The majority believe that it is about compassion for non-readers and convenience for readers.

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