Excerpt from ExiledReader’s Conversations With a Non-Reader

Quote: Anonymous Poster from Canada.  Posted on Godlikeproductions.com forum:   ” I’m looking forward to your Guide to Hacking the Noosphere for Non-Readers. I’m not so much interesting in hacking it as understanding how it works and being able to effectively defend myself against it. For example, do readers merely read what you are consciously thinking at the moment or do they also have access to unconscious/subconscious thoughts. Reading what a person is thinking is quite different from sensing what a person is seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and the sense of touch as well as emotions. What of controlling an individual, that is, temporary possession of mind and body? How close does the reader need to be to carry out reading, etc.?

In my case the noosphere or whatever (sometimes I’m not sure we’re talking about the same phenomena) has kept me under surveillance for most of my life although I only became aware of it later on. There are a number of things which have happened to me that bears on certain significant people in the noosphere. It would not be a stretch to conclude that the surveillance is there to determine what I have recalled and what I am going to do about it and how vocal I will be. In recent years they have surrounded me with mind readers. This suggests to me that there is a limiting distance to this ability. Much of their work is data mining. My suspicion is that they cannot access memories or the subconscious/unconscious but I am not sure about this. If I cannot access it, can they?

I am quite certain they are able to sense what you sense. So the use of your eye as a window to your world comes as no surprise. The part about them controlling your eye to see what they want to see verges on possession. To loose contol of what one does and says is extreme violation of personal sovereignty. Can every one be used by the hive, or are nonreaders exceptions? I would like to think so but I can’t be sure.

Watched Persinger’s No More Secrets rather cursorily for now. I believe he said that they have measured photons emitted from the eye. So your eye could be used as a weak weapon of sorts. There is power in the eye and it is a portal both in and out as long as one is within sighting distance. I once used this to “shock” an individual who had done me unjustified harm. It was not contemplated but something that just happened due to an upsurge of emotion when I identified him driving a truck while I was walking on foot. The man was not harmed but he clearly reacted with fear and shock, yet did not recognize me.

The Youtube also reminded me of what I often do when confronted with a suspected reader pulling a stunt. I look at them through the eyes to a point behind their eyes. A reader unaware that they are being used by the hive is jolted out of their trance. They may be apologetic.  A reader who is aware that they are working at the behest of the hive to do you harm will show facials sign like a sneer of contempt or a hateful rictus. At the point I may loudly and clearly state their wrongdoing so that everyone nearby can hear.

ExiledReader:  Thank you for your interest in my Guide to Hacking the Noosphere.  It will take some time before it is safe to lead a non-reader through it all but for now I can tell you how it works to some degree.

First I should mention some basic things about the connection.

While physical location does play a small role, really, in the Noosphere, you are near people of like mind even if they are far away geographically.

Many factors are at work.

This includes genetics; you have a stronger connection to family and to people of closer heredity.

Brain chemistry is involved.  Anything from plants, animals or other foods that a person might eat, drink, smoke, etc. to the exercises, sports, or other physical activities that someone does creates a stronger connection to people whose minds are shaped by the same substances or activities.

Cultural factors; language you speak, music you listen to, books you read, your education, etc.

Even if you haven’t actually met someone face-to-face you may still know them very well.  Readers sometimes have friends of like mind whom they have never met.

At the same time, readers who have absolutely nothing in common with each other require some familiarization before they can establish a strong enough link to communicate or “read” one another.  If there is no way to familiarize by meeting face-to-face they require a mediator which usually consists of channels hosted by members of the Hierarchy of Heads.  The same goes for when a reader is reading a non-reader. The AC from Canada in the above post mentioned that he suspected there were limiting distances to the reader’s abilities.

If you are a non-reader, depending on your level and type of mental blocks, higher-level readers who may not have full access to your mind and who are nowhere near you geographically, may surround you with lower-level drones to familiarize themselves with you so that the higher intelligences can see you as well.  Once the lower-level readers fully synchronize their activities with yours and get to know you better than it is easier for the higher intelligence to “read” you.

Navigating the Noosphere mainly comes down to cultural factors but chemical methods are employed as well.  Symbols, language, sound, and in some cases plant or chemical substances, are all tools for guiding one’s self through the vast network of minds that make up the Noosphere.  There are channels and layers that exist that most readers don’t ever think to explore.

I mentioned before that I never had a place in the Hierarchy but I knew of certain aspects of the Noosphere that many readers aren’t aware. Before my exile I was shown some things by friends of like mind.  People who I have never met in person but who have mentored my abilities over the years. I wonder if perhaps my harsh treatment from the Hierarchy has to do with being held at a higher accountability for having access to such information.

Through certain layers, using certain symbols and sounds as well as certain channeling techniques that I will soon share, there is a backdoor into the Noosphere that even the Hierarchy of Heads has difficulty controlling.

As far as possession and personal sovereignty goes, most readers believe they have free will.  There are laws against all out mind manipulation but I think in cases like mine they are going to extremes to regain their control.

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