Mind/body connection

Never before has the connection between mind and body been so apparent.  Not only have I been exiled and firewalled from the Noosphere but the more I reveal this information the more the Hive continues to position themselves against me in every possible way.  The toll it’s taking on my health is immense.  Everything is positioned one step ahead of me.  Everytime I reach for something, a reader is there to grab it first; everytime I try to sit, a reader appears in perfect timing to take the seat before I can.  At times I’ll drive around for hours simply looking for a parking spot, always arriving to an open spot just in time to see it taken.

The best I can do is to be spontaneous; to never take the same route, randomly switch the rythm of my steps as I walk, breath in abnormal patterns – whatever it takes.  But they are all-seeing and they are using the bio-rhythms of the hive against me.  The hive walks in step but always counter to my steps.  They go the same speed while driving in a team effort to hold me back.  They even breath in sync with eachother but always in opposition to my breath… much like stealing the bounce from someone on a trampoline everything the hive does now is to trip up my ryhthms.

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