Non-readers point of view

Q:  You said “A lot of the 10 percenters come up with explanations for what is going on without knowing about the Noosphere. They’ll talk about politics and conspiracy theories but they are missing details about the politics of the Noosphere. Then when a 90 percenter chuckles at what the 10 percenter perceives to be happening the 10 percenter assumes the 90 percenter is a sheep.”

can you give us a specific example?

Like, what is something that is commonly thought of by some 10% as being a “conspiracy,” and what is it that’s really going on, in that specific case, that the 90% know about but we don’t?  Pick an example.

A: OK, here are some examples.

A common conspiracy theory that a 90 percenter chuckles at is the moon landing. Many 90 percenters are able to access mental records of parts of the landing and while it was happening family members with astronauts shared a limited connection and knew when they landed on the moon. No one is going to tell you that though.

Sometimes a 10 percenter will connect a bunch of dots in current events and declare that ww3 is right around the corner while 90 percenters would know this because massive international mind blocks would be cast out and the Noosphere would go into lockdown mode like it did for ww2 and ww1. Let me know if you want more details about what happened in the Noosphere during these times. It’s somewhat of a long story.

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