A blog by a non-reader (I think)

Q:   www.freeyourbrain.org. Here’s a document about how to deal with the consequences of a “spiritual hurricane” which hit in the early 90’s. According to someone called “pieces of nothing”, 10 percent of humans are survivors and share the symptoms and characteristics of the OP’s 10 percenters. The document written in the early 2000s is incomplete with many sections pending.

To anyone reading, I’m wondering if there is a completed version available somewhere on the net.

To the OP, I’m wondering if this was written by a 90 percenter whose work was partially destroyed.

A: [link to freeyourbrain.tripod.com]

Very interesting… To me so far it appears to be a 10 percenter who had a good sense of what was going on as some 10 percenters occasionally do. I’m sure this person’s life became pretty difficult after posting that document.

Like I said before there are only a couple other exiled readers out out there like myself and I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a hold of them.


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