You aren’t missing out on anything

Q:  What are some of the things we are missing by not being connected? What are some of the things they are missing by being connected?

Also, from what you’re reading, can you speculate as to why I’m not connected? Do I have some type of autism that I don’t know about? Is this too much for me to handle? Did I have some “behavioral problems,” if so, what would they be?

Now, when a 10% doesn’t understand why the 90% are into something, they might call the 90% “sheep” without understanding what’s truly going on, as you said before. What are some things that 10s call 90s sheep over, and what is really going on that the 10 doesn’t comprehend?

A:  By not being connected you’re missing out on quite a bit is what I originally thought. There is a flow of information that verbal communication can’t even compare to. The communication is much more effective as well as it can involve images as well as sound. There are various kinds of meetings that involve your friends and family that you’ll never know about. There is a record system that is kept that some have access to depending on the strength of their connection. The ability to sync with others, to know how they are doing (unless there are mind barriers) is all things the 10 percent are missing out on. The list goes on and on.

It is really readers who are missing out on the most now that I have experienced being exiled for awhile.  There is nothing better than being free from the hive and their mind control.  Non-readers should charish it in case they ever do some day “come around.”

I can speculate as to why you aren’t connected but I kind of need to know more about you. I don’t think you have an autism you are unaware of judging by your questions. It could be that you might be blocking it out yourself because you don’t want to believe it. Do you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety? It could be that your family, friends, school faculty, etc thought you would not have been able to handle it but I don’t know you well enough. Sometimes it may be because you do things that you would be extremely embarrassed of if you knew that people could read your thoughts and everyone felt bad telling you. Or it could be that they thought you might grow up to be a problem of some sort. There are many possibilities.

A lot of the 10 percenters come up with explanations for what is going on without knowing about the Noosphere. They’ll talk about politics and conspiracy theories but they are missing details about the politics of the Noosphere. Then when a 90 percenter chuckles at what the 10 percenter perceives to be happening the 10 percenter assumes the 90 percenter is a sheep.

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