Wartime and the noosphere

Q:  Sure, tell us about the Noosphere in times of world war.

How did it affect the 90%? How did it affect the 10%?

I would imagine the 90% would be mobilized for war mode, and the 10% would either go along with it or wonder what the need for war was.

And that brings up another good question: While the 90% might just “know” there was a need for war and chuckle at the 10% who don’t “get it,” wouldn’t the 90% actually have little opinion in the matter? In other words, if the Noosphere tells them “it’s time for war,” then that’s there accepted reality, no further comprehension or questioning

A:  War time in the Noosphere is complicated – especially nowadays. If I don’t give enough detail feel free to ask more questions.

Throughout time the percentages of those in the know and those who weren’t and the level of know they were in, fluctuate. This affects the way war is conducted. Something that should probably be reemphasized is that some people are more talented with this ability than others and can overpower the minds of others to some degree.

In the distant past, when there wasn’t much of an infrastructure to the Noosphere, thought was more unified within tribal units and an individual could mistake another person’s thoughts for their own as there wasn’t the same sense of individuality that we have today. People still mistake others thoughts for their own but there is an illusion of individuality that many people enjoy and there are more standards for human rights today as I said before.

Depending on where and when we’re talking about it could be very much as you imagined. In the past, (and still in some countries presently) when leaders in the Noosphere gave the signal, people would act with little opinion on the matter. It’s very similar today but in Western countries people enjoy a false sense of individuality so there is a process of informing people and gaining their consent to go to war, there are flaws in the system, but many 90 percenters, or readers enjoy their illusion of choice.

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