Mind Manipulators Among The 90% (Readers of the Hive)

Q:  So scam artists all make their money off 10% of the population?
Murderers and rapists get away with their crimes how? Are only 10% victimized?
Courts and judges and juries are all a show for children and the dumb 10%?
Politicians pander and lie to get 10% of the votes?
90% of people waste 90% of their time speaking and writing and working every day of their lives, just to keep this a secret?
Everyone is just pretending to be a fucking idiot? Or does this “link” cause brain damage?

I feel immensely fortunate to have avoided this fate.
I feel a connection to everyone all the time, not their thoughts but their emotions, and I know what they feel about me. I HATE IT. It drives me crazy and I am only slowly learning to BLOCK IT OUT!

A:  Absolutely, the worst and most successful scam artists and some of the worst murderers and criminals have all been talented readers (Readers of the Hive).  There victims are usually lower level, “subtly-aware” readers but also include non-readers It is their ability to know others thoughts while cloaking themselves that allow them to get away with their crimes.  Regardless, many leave enough physical evidence to get caught.

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