How are non-readers looked upon by readers?

Q:  Now, I asked about historical figures that may have been in the 10%. You provided two examples of men who were given brief glimpses of the Noosphere. But I’d like to know, who are some other famous 10-percenters, like artists, writers, politicians, philosophers, etc.?

I’d also like to ask you: When you were connected, how did you feel about us 10-percenter (or non-readers) collectively?

I know you had that one friend who was in the 10 percent and your pity eventually led to your disconnection. But that’s just one individual who you were friends with. How did you feel about us as a whole? Did you hate us, did you pity us, and did you simply not care about us? How did you personally feel about us, collectively, when you were still in the 90-percent?

And when many in the 90-percent look down on us non-readers, is that because they personally think less of us, or because the Noosphere tells them to hold us in contempt? It it’s the latter, then I wonder why the Noosphere sees us as so much of a threat to be disconnected.

A:   Rachmaninoff, Van Gogh, Kafka… are a few… not sure if I should name people who are alive yet…

You ask how I felt about 10 percenters, or non-readers, when I was connected… at times pity but believe it or not for most of us readers (when I was one at least) the non-readers were viewed as comedy gold. Seriously, some of the stuff that non-readers think while not aware that others are listening is hysterical. Ever been laughed at but no one would tell you why? Now you know. Most of the time a non-reader/10 percenters thoughts come out as erratic, jumbled noise, because their minds aren’t organized like a 90 percenters to interface properly with the Noosphere but thoughts can still be deciphered sometimes and man are they hilarious. Other times 10 percenters are treated coldly by 90 percenters as if they are worth less as human beings because they aren’t connected to the Noosphere. Many 90 percenters are sympathetic though. As I said before there are laws and authority figures who protect (kind of) the 10 percenters from being totally mind f*cked by a manipulative 90 percenter but it still happens.

But really I didn’t think too much about non-readers until I started to feel sorry for one of my old friends.

As for your last question, it’s kind of both. It’s because the Noosphere tells them too but there are figures many of which are in the Hierarchy of Heads who make these decisions and have the most influence on the hive. Why do they view you as a threat? You might have a personality which they believed was incompatible with the hive. Perhaps they thought you would be trouble in some way. There are many possibilities.

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