The Artificial Noosphere

Q: If 90 percent of Americans are telepathic (my frame of reference since this is where I live) then why the fuck do 99% of them have cell phones??

You’ll probably say they have them just to call the 10 percenters right?

And if this were true, the world wouldn’t be as sad and fucked up as it is.

And if it is true, then wow, what an ego boost, the core of your idea is that I am limited/less than as a 10 percenter, however you go on to talk about how they’re a hive mind who follow each other, and no longer understand what individuality really means.

So from what you learned while you were still “connected” what of the future of earth (space changes, rogue planets, the highly magnetized fluff we’re flying through right now? What of secret societies? What of big business (agriculture and pharmaceuticals) that hides cures, and proliferates poison? Why are all complicit in the massive crimes perpetrated by the FDA?

I won’t even go in to “conspiracy” theories because of course you will just say they are just a result of me being in the 10 percent and not knowing what the fuck is going on in the world. But the deception in regard to health, especially as perpetrated on Americans by Americans (con agra, mon santo, pfizer etc.) Please explain why the “90 percenters” do not stop this?

A: In the Noosphere, there are some people who are far more talented in their abilities than others.  Some people, usually people in government, have access to records and other people’s minds that might be classified or are off limits to others. There are now laws in place that are supposed to protect those are weaker or less talented and to protect those who are non-readers but it’s not always easy to enforce laws on certain people who have incredible strength and influence over others. There are a significant number of these people who use their power over others for personal gain and not necessarily for the good of the hive. Lies are abundant in the Noosphere. It’s not quite the Wild West that it used to be but still it’s not perfect and not everyone is honest. Some people get caught in their lies and others are great at manipulating and/or concealing information.

There are readers who have some conspiracy theories of their own about corruption in the Hierarchy of Heads and fears that there is a faction within the Heads that wants to boot the majority of readers out of the Noosphere and to place them into an artificially simulated one.

The deception on health and debates about health freedom rage on in the Noosphere but the majority of the hive is easily manipulated and all too trusting of the elected officials who are supposed to protect them. Since I’ve been exiled it seems more apparent to me than ever that the laws that are supposed to protect the weak in the Noosphere are just an illusion to silence anyone who might try to revolt.

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