Read between the lines

Q:  I’d like you to also explain why all movies, books, and general culture are catering to the poor little 10 percent who aren’t blessed with the gifts of the mighty 90 percent?

When I say “catering to” I mean that all stories, all dramas, all dialogues and all characters in books and movies are centered on not being telepathic.

You probably will misinterpret this line of questioning, and give me some lame half way answer and try to keep hyping the book you’re going to write.

If most people on earth were telepathic, as soon as one person found a physical cure for ailments that are usually mistreated by typical western medicine practices, all in your “Noosphere” would be able to fully understand the value, and we’d heal everyone on earth. No more fluoride in the water, no more poison in the air, no more diabetics, cancer, thyroid issues, malnutrition issues from the processed food that 90% of America loves. You see my point?

Shit man, for real I could go on and on, and apparently so can you. However, even on the remote chance that the paranoia you’re trying to add to GLP’ers lives is true, ultimately it has zero effect on how I live my life. It sure is an interesting concept, but again based on your mythology, it is outside of the realm of possibility for me to know anything about this. You see, what I’m saying is that even if it were truth it has no bearing on how I will do, or be, from here on out. I’ll just keep living the same.

Things that are impossible for a man to know – a fruitless chase, I have to disregard them, because I do not have a need to know. This was fun though OP, thx, and again welcome to the family: )

A: The phrase “read between the lines” goes much deeper than most non-readers or 10 percenters are aware.

I assure you, most films, books and other forms of entertainment are not catering to the 10 percenters – there are just layers you are not aware of while reading a book or watching a movie or listening to a song.

As for your second question – there isn’t full transparency in the Noosphere and people still take advantage of each other.

Also, it may not be completely impossible for you to see the Noosphere.

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