They may see all kinds of thoughts if they are paying attention to you

Q:  I have a genuine question, if I exist in a consistently calm and relaxed state of mind, and also project genuine feelings of love and empathy towards anyone I see, or interact with – do the readers I direct this at feel it? Are they aware of such non specific and generalized thought-forms, or am I just some smiling weirdo to them?

*Note: I don’t do this with a goal of getting anything or manipulating anyone, I believe, and have confirmed thus far thru my journey in life that to love is our most natural human state. Not fluffy, goopy romantic love as sold to us through our media, but just genuine, “glad to be here with you all” kind of love. You know, seeing myself in others, and vice versa.

Does that make me a want to-be reader, or is it supplying something that is helpful or beneficial to readers?

Also, people seem to gravitate towards me, and upon seeing my inner workings show me powerful appreciation and love – and I can tell it is not born of pity. Or perhaps it’s a type of pity based love I just don’t understand as a non-reader, in a world of readers.

A:  Yes, when you project your feelings as you described readers are aware as long as they are actually paying attention. Sometimes a reader may be in deep thought or spacing out in your direction but they are actually focusing on several other things in the Noosphere and may not be reading everyone in their immediate surroundings. I can’t say for certain but people probably don’t think you are a smiling weirdo but they might ask you why you are smiling just to confirm that it is just a general feeling you’re projecting and not something specific that they might be missing.

Projecting your thoughts like that doesn’t really make you a ‘wannabe reader’ necessarily. Who knows, perhaps everyone wanted you to be a reader and you have a sense of this and want to be one yourself but you have self imposed blocks that just need to be lifted. It’s rare but it can happen.

Non-readers are sometimes very successful people in business and sales and other jobs that require people to like you. Often time’s non-readers are very likeable, nice, genuine people on top of being extremely creative. There are readers who are attracted to non-readers and even some that are exclusively attracted to and only want to be with non-readers because they are uninfluenced by the hive and more original in their thinking and genuine. There are also readers who surround themselves with non-readers because they like that less are really known about them and there is more mental privacy. Sometimes readers are attracted to non-readers for less positive reasons as well.

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