Both sides of the fence

Q: But you said sometimes parents hope their children will “come around,” if their child is in the 10 percent and one day maybe become a 90 percenter; or school administrators might inform the children of 10 percenter parents who wouldn’t be able to explain it to their 90 percent child.

Now, it seems like you’re saying some of these people are the ones who kept us from accessing this Noosphere.

Can you try to articulate what it’s like, now that you’ve been on both sides of the fence? Especially with all this non-verbal stuff you keep talking about, what’s it like when two people in the 90 percent interact?

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve heard about Asperger’s. It’s said to be a neurological disorder where people are unable to pick up on non-verbal cues.

While there are some people who are blatantly autistic and can’t form sentences, it seems like people with Asperger’s, based on what I’ve read online, are fully-functioning people who, for whatever reason, are unable to make social connections with people, miss a lot in communication, are usually outcasts, never understanding why.

I’ve wondered if I was an Asperger, mainly because it sounds like the story of my life. I can form sentences, hold conversations, understand manners. Yet it seemed as if people just instinctively rejected me, whereas someone else could do something totally off the wall and be embraced by the others.

Now, I wonder if things like Asperger’s, as well as Social Anxiety, are just ways we 10 percenters try to make sense of why we’re different, not knowing what it is we’re missing. While people with Asperger’s agree they miss social cues and non-verbal communication, I don’t think any of them would realize that it’s just not a deficiency in “intuition” or “reading body language” but rather being denied access to this web of which we don’t even know exists.

It’s interesting what you said about embarrassing things. As a boy, I never did anything that I felt embarrassed by, but my parents, especially my father, would often use shame as a means of controlling me. I don’t know if my paranoia over being humiliated in boyhood led me to having been denied access.

Now, would my father also be a 10 percenter who didn’t know any better?

A:  Now that I’ve been on both sides I must admit I took the Noosphere for granted, it is amazing. For a short time following my exile I pleaded out in the air to let me return but I could feel that no one was listening. They have never allowed an exile to return, everyone knows that.

Then the gang stalking started. Perfectly synchronized groups of people all watching you closely at all times almost like there is something else watching through their eyes. People speaking with phrases that have multiple meanings…

Since then my view on reality and the world around us as well as my spirituality have radically changed. But we’ll get to details on that later.

Also, like I said before it requires more effort and creativity when you’re a 10 percenter. Especially when dealing with a group of 90 percenters. As an exiled 90 percenter I know that there are layers of communication going on in the room around me, sometimes even about me, that I have to try a figure out just by trying to read “vibes.”

When two 90 percenters get together and you might listen in, to you, the conversation might seem incomplete but it appears that they know exactly what each other are talking about and that is because of the layers you are unaware of.

That is a very interesting observation of people with Aspergers syndrome and I’ve recently been hearing the idea pushed that many people are Aspergers and undiagnosed. I’m not saying Aspergers doesn’t exist but they are attempting to convince some 10 percenters that they are Aspergers to explain things.

I’m sure many 10 percenters have been very aware of their differences and have considered that they may be Aspergers or something else, similar to how you described it as being the story of your life. Of course some people actually do have it.

In regards to your father shaming you and whether or not he may have been a 10 percenter that is possible. Many 10 percenters, although completely unaware that people know their thoughts and intentions sometimes (if the 10 percenters mind doesn’t have too many self imposed barriers, or as long as it isn’t scrambled or too incoherent)they sometimes still have a paranoid sense that they are always being watched. So perhaps your father was a 10 percenter and just thought there was always a watchful eye on everyone, or he was a 90 percenter and knew it.  If I knew you before I was exiled then I could give you a more specific answer.

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