There are self-imposed telepathic blocks and there are mental blocks placed on by other telepaths

Q:  But you said sometimes parents hope their children will “come around,” if their child is in the 10 percent and one day maybe become a 90 percenter; or school administrators might inform the children of 10 percenter parents who wouldn’t be able to explain it to their 90 percent child.

Now, it seems like you’re saying some of these people are the ones who kept us from accessing this Noosphere.

A: Well, yes in many of the cases, such as the case where the child would is creating a self-imposed block because the truth is too much then the parent may remain hopeful that one day their child would grow out of the barrier and awaken to the Noosphere.

In other cases where someone is doing something embarrassing, or criminal, people may hope that you one day change so they can lift the mind block that has been placed on you and tell you about the higher layers of reality that exist in the Noosphere. I can give more examples if you like.

So, in some instances they keep you from it and in other cases you keep yourself from it.

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