Identifying readers and non-readers

Q: As a former 90%, are you better able to distinguish the 90s and 10s, if so, how? I understand what you’re saying about recognizing the 90s by the fact they seem to be in-step with one another, but on a one-on-one basis, a fellow 10 might be going along with the crowd, or a 90 is being friendly, how can I tell if I’m dealing with a 90 or a 10?

Since being cut off, have you found any benefits from being in the 10%? I never liked it when people on this site (, whom I seem to identify with, label everyone else “sheep,” although I admit sometimes I do wonder why everyone else I encounter in the real world seems to be marching to some drum that I can’t hear. But I never wanted to make myself feel better about it by just dismissing everyone else as “stupid” or “sheep.”

What are some of the things we are missing by not being connected? What are some of the things they are missing by being connected?

And when it comes to historical figures, is it possible for you to tell who may have been in the 10% or is it mostly guesswork? Who are some notable famous 10% folks?

By the way, from what you’re reading, can you speculate as to why I’m not connected? Do I have some type of autism that I don’t know about? Is this too much for me to handle? Did I have some “behavioral problems,” if so, what would they be?

A:  Fortunately, they were not able  to erase my memory. I still remember everyone who I’ve dealt with and whether they were “in on it” or not. For a 10 percenter who has never been on it there are still ways other than what I’ve listed above to recognize them. I will list them as they come to mind but one for you to look out for is if you are talking one-on-one with a 90 percenter, sometime they take on a tone as if they are speaking to a group of people, not just you. I’m sure you have been with people when they have done this.

Since I have been cut off I have been more care free. In some ways it has been peaceful.

It has also been very difficult but I have found most of the difficulties beneficial. I never realized how much I relied on the easier access to information. I have to exercise my mind much more to research certain ideas and to communicate with people, although 90 percenters use the physical internet and are obsessed with the phones for many reasons ranging from wanting to hear the sound of someone’s voice, privacy reasons (not wanting to open the connection to strangers), business, entertainment, to communicate with 10 percenters, etc.

As far as the historical figures go, I still remember from when I was with 90% who the historical figures were in the 10 percent.

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