Not all your thoughts come through clearly

Q: When I drove through a DUI checkpoint and I told the cop I hadn’t been drinking anything, why did he let me go?

When I stumble over words when I clearly think them why do people pretend like they don’t understand me? Even when it wastes their own precious time?

When someone is in immediate danger and you can see the threat vividly in your mind before you can say a word to warn them, why don’t they reacted save themselves?

A: Not sure why some cops let some people go and not others.  Perhaps you just seemed like a nice person. He also may have asked law enforcement officials within the Noosphere ( there is a separate set of law enforcement for the Noosphere) as to how to deal with you or an official simply chimed in and told him to let you go (maybe you have powerful friends and don’t know it).

 In the case of 90 percenters asking you to repeat yourself, when you believe you clearly thought the words, it is possible that your thoughts weren’t as clear as you think.  Sometimes the minds of non-readers are near indecipherable to the average reader and low-level reader requiring a stronger mind from the Hierarchy to mediate.

Also, they simply may not have been paying attention to your thoughts.  The same thing goes for when someone is clearly in danger but are not responding to your thoughts – they are probably focusing on a whole bunch of other things within the Noosphere or just have other things on their mind.

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