Pressure from the Hive

Since posting this information things have become increasingly difficult.

Most of it small, trivial things but it all adds up. Things like being pulled over by police, mail being “accidentally” delivered to the wrong place, people going through my garbage, people bumping into me while walking down the street, etc. In fact any direction I go now it seems that the hive mind organizes itself to flow against me. I never could have imagined that being one of their targets could be so annoying and at times absurd. It really gets to a person after a while but I won’t be silenced in such a manner.

One might ask themselves why the hive mind wouldn’t simply just kill me after revealing all of this info.

Luckily, the hive does abide by a set of laws which protect basic human rights; even for defectors such as me. Unluckily for me, they are allowed to disrupt very small things in a defectors life, such as causing a defector to be trapped in perpetual traffic jams, always receiving late delivery of goods, always being interrupted while speaking, etc , as much as want, resulting in the “death by a thousand cuts.”

The most they can do after deporting me is to annoy me as much as they can. Ultimately, they’d love to drive me over the edge so that I would do something that would allow them to imprison me or even better for them and their plans – to commit me to psychiatric care.

This also applies to anyone else who attempts to go against the flow of the hive.

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