Guilt is one of their favorite control tactics

I’ve also been dealing with old programming. Basically, I have been feeling some guilt for telling people about this reality. It is really ingrained into people not to talk about it. I know I shouldn’t feel guilt but the programming from the past is still there.

It also reminds me of a time when I was younger. I was hanging out with a friend and she was taken aside by my mother for a moment. Something was going on, I could tell, but I wasn’t completely sure. Later, after asking multiple times it was revealed that my mom was organizing a surprise birthday party for me. I wasn’t upset at the moment but later on, maybe even a couple of years later, I wondered what it would be like to be totally surprised that everyone had organized a party for me in secret.

So, I wonder while making the assumption that most of you are here because you will never be let in on the secret I could also be ruining the surprise for others who may have someday been let in.

I’m over it though and will continue to answer questions while writing my full account of events.

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