Non-readers come up with creative explanations for the reality they experience

Q:You say 90% are in on it and not telling us. Yet, you seem to assume, then, that everyone here on this conspiracy website are a part of the 10%.

Are conspiracy websites some sort of net for those who are blind to this, and that’s how you know most of us here are oblivious to something that others just know?

I guess it’s comparable to being literally blind, or deaf. Most people are NOT deaf/blind, most of us can see and hear.

I suppose we, the alleged 10% are also impaired in this sixth sense that others just naturally have. The only difference is that, assuming your theory is true, we don’t have special schools or special alphabets and languages that the blind and deaf have. We’re not even allowed to know we’re impaired.

How do the majority of people with this sixth sense perceive us, the 10% who are impaired. What is the typical life like for someone like us who is impaired and doesn’t know it?

A:  . First of all, this is not a theory but a fact and I was in on it for many years and can explain the connection, the Hierarchy of Heads and all of the secrets of the Noosphere.

It is true that many people who visit conspiracy sites are apart of the 10% and there are reasons for this.

Those who are impaired are regarded by those “in on it” as lesser people or second class citizens by strangers whereas family and friends might remain kind in hopes that you will some day come around. Many wish desperately that they could tell you but they know that it will only hurt your development and possibly get them in trouble.

Those who are impaired usually develop wild conspiracy theories to fill the information gap that they are always aware of. This awareness that something is going on around them often leads them to think that they are “awake.” Usually family and friends are sad, sometimes angry, to see that you never caught on.

You ask what the typical life is for the impaired, well, probably much like your own as you are clearly one of the impaired. Don’t b offended it doesn’t mean you are any less intelligent or anything.

Also, you pointed out that for other impaired people there are usually tools such as brail writing for the blind, hearing aids for the deaf, etc.  Well, this is what the future of the internet is for  the 10% but the transition is slow.

The internet was actually created by a group of compassionate 90 percenters, or “readers,” to eventually create an artificial Noosphere. Some skeptics and alarmists within the noosphere are concerned that there is a faction within the Hierarchy of Heads who want to remove certain groups of people from the Noosphere and impose on them an artificial one.

One thought on “Non-readers come up with creative explanations for the reality they experience

  1. It is not selfish to value independence, nor is it egotistical. I know this may sound off-topic, but to be one of what this site refers to as the 10% (though I have gathered that it’s closer to 2% from the sources I trust) cannot be looked down upon. What we “lack” is not a natural thing to begin with. It’s not the “Godsource” or “Consciousness” that we aren’t connected with, it’s simply the artificial hive-mind.

    We are not the ones with this sixth-sense cane. We are not the ones who are impaired. We have individuality and self-sufficience… only THEY would claim that as a weakness.

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