The reader’s “Achilles Heel” (more on this when the time is right)

Q:   Please do keep talking. What is the Achille’s heel of the 90 per cent? I suspect it is the 90 percent which keeps the world fucked up with their hive mind and that all innovation has come from the 10 per cent who are able to have original thoughts. This 90 percent explains mob insanity, swarming, mass hallucinations, how a whole nation can follow some one like Hitler, etc.

A:  The Achilles heel is complicated and requires more explanation into how the politics of the Noosphere work. Really, if you are part of the 10% and are not an exiled 90 percenter like myself then your best strength is simply knowing about it when dealing with them.

This is exactly how mob insanity, swarming, etc, works and why it is so puzzling to the few who are apart of the 10%. Now, of course there are also those in the 10% who are not puzzled by anything but simply accept what is going on around them and do their best to fit in

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