Readers and Non-readers would probably be a dating site if they were allowed to talk about it

Q:  Let me ask, do 90% and 10% men and women ever procreate? Or would, say, a 90% woman never get involved with a 10% man? Can there be whole families who are in the 10%, meaning that some parents weren’t actually keeping their kids in the dark, because they were in the dark themselves?

Why is it that we are in the 10%? Is it a genetic defect, like being born blind or deaf? Or were we intentionally denied for some reason, and if so, why? If some parents in the 90% hope their kids will come around, does that suggest that 10% people might one day, for whatever reason, actually “come around”?

Any suggestions for the 10% to be able to recognize other 10% in public, group, and other social settings?

A:  90 percenters do procreate with 10 percenters quite often. Usually this happens if the 90 percenter finds the 10 percenter very attractive or another desirable quality. Children born from such a couple will still likely be connected to the Noosphere unless they are born with other mental disabilities or are blocked out of the Noosphere for other reasons.

A child born of two 10 percenters can still be connected to the Noosphere but because they are usually “let in” on it by school faculty and/or peers there is a higher probably of a bad reaction. If a bad reaction occurs they are usually diagnosed as schizophrenic for their own safety.

10 percenters occur for many reasons really. Sometimes it is because of physical/mental problems such as autism or down syndrome, but that is more rare. Usually a 10 percenter is “left out” because their mind is too fragile and they either completely shut it out from themselves or they just have break down because the realization is too much to handle. These are the cases where a parent or guardian will remain hopeful that you will someday come around and wake up to it and stop shutting it out. It is very rare for someone to wake up later in life, although it does happen. Other times someone will be “left out” for behavioral reasons.

It is possible for 10 percenters to recognize each other although it is easier if you can confirm with an exiled 90 percenter like myself (but there aren’t many alive today, i’ve tried to contact them but will get to that later).
Usually, to make up for the missing ability a 10 percenter will often develop a very creative mind. Some of the worlds best artists, poets, musicians,etc have all been 10 percenters believe it or not. 10 percenters can be recognized by their broad mindedness, acceptance of new ideas, theories and explanations.

Those who are apart of the hive mind are pretty obvious to the 10 percenter. They appear to simply go along with crowd, they seem to be in sync with everyone around them in some unexplainable but seemingly choreographed manner. They usually follow trends or do what is popular.  Sometimes they have a sense of security with the world that can be alarming to a 10 percenter.

Unfortunately, 10 percenters will sometimes take on a sense of superiority because they think the 90 percent are just a bunch of mindless sheep without understanding what is going on in the Noosphere

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